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Libro - The Ninth Hour (Inglés)

Libro - The Ninth Hour (Inglés)

Libro "The Ninth Hour" de la aclamada autora Alice McDermott: una historia profundamente humana sobre tres generaciones de una familia irlandesa en el Brooklyn de los años 50.

Autora: Alice McDermott.

Editorial: Bloomsbury.

Idioma: inglés.

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From the National Book Award-winning writer comes a luminous, deeply humane novel about three generations of an Irish immigrant family in 1940s and 1950s Brooklyn.

On a gloomy February afternoon, Jim sends his wife Annie out to do the shopping before dark falls. He seals their meagre apartment, then unhooks the gas tube inside the oven and inhales.

Catching the scent of fire doused with water, Sister St. Saviour, a Little Nursing Sister of the Sick Poor, hurries to the scene: a gathered crowd, firemen, and the distraught young widow. Moved by the girl's plight, and her unborn child, the wise nun finds Annie work in the convent's laundry - where, in turn, her daughter will grow up amidst the hiss of the iron and the crank of the wringer.

In Catholic Brooklyn in the early part of the 20th century, superstition, decorum and shame collude to erase Jim's brief existence; and yet his suicide, although never mentioned, reverberates through many generations - testing the limits of love and sacrifice, of forgiveness and forgetfulness.

In prose of startling radiance and precision, Alice McDermott tells a story that is at once individual and universal in its understanding of the human condition. Rendered with remarkable intelligence and lucidity, "The Ninth Hour" is the crowning achievement of one of today's finest authors.

Nº de páginas: 256.
Año: 2017.
Idioma: inglés.